The Fabled Lands Core Rule Book and source books are based on the game books written by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson. Harkuna is a world of mystery, . Right HERE you can play an interactive PDF of the classic sci-fi adventure gamebook Heart of Ice, illustrated by fantasy gaming legend Russ. Fabled Lands 1 - The War-Torn Kingdom - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. First book of fabled lands.

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Fabled Lands #1. Compiled by Underdogs for Home of the Underdogs, http:// alenovtibta.ml Based on PDF files provided by Fabled Lands Yahoo!. KICKSTARTER DEMO (PDF ONLY) - sections by Paul Gresty FABLED LANDS: THE SERPENT KING'S DOMAIN IS ON KICKSTARTER! This adventure is. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dave Morris is a British videogame designer , comic book creator, scriptwriter and UK best-selling author. He has written.

Otherwise, you can always start adventuring again with a new persona. If you do, you'll first have to erase all codewords, ticks and money recorded in the book.

Fabled Lands Core Rulebook PDF

What do the maps show? The two black and white maps show the whole extent of the known Fabled Lands.

Are some regions of the world more dangerous than others? Generally, the closer you are to civilization the area of Sokara and Golnir covered in the first two books the easier your adventures will be. Wait until you have reached higher Rank before exploring the wilder regions. Where can I travel in the Fabled Lands? If you journey to the edge of the map in this adventure, you will be guided to another adventure in the series.

For example, if you are enslaved by the Uttakin, you will be guided to The Court of Hidden Faces , which refers to entry in Book 5. What if I don't have the next book? Just turn back. When you do get that book, you can always return and venture onwards. What should I do when travelling on from one book to the next?

It's very simple. Make a note of the entry you'll be turning to in the new adventure. Then copy all the information from your Adventure Sheet and Ship's Manifest into the new adventure. Lastly, rub out the Adventure Sheet and Ship's Manifest data in the old adventure so they will be blank when you return there.

What about codewords? Codewords report important events in your adventuring life. They 'remember' the places you've been and the people you've met. Do NOT rub out codewords when you are passing from one book to another.

Are there any limits on abilities? They can never go lower than 1. If you are told to lose a point off an ability which is already at 1, it stays as it is. Adventuring in the Fabled Lands 3 Are there any limits on Stamina? There is no upper limit. Stamina increases each time you go up in Rank. Wounds will reduce your current Stamina, but not your potential unwounded score. If Stamina ever goes to zero, you are killed.

Does it matter what type of weapon I have? When you download a weapon in a market, you can choose what type of weapon it is i.

Fabled Lands

The type of weapon is up to you. Some items give ability bonuses. Are these cumulative? Count only the bonus given by your best item for each ability.

Why do I keep going back to entries I've been to?

Many entries describe locations such as a city or castle, so whenever you go back there, you go to the paragraph that corresponds to that place. How many blessings can I have? As many as you can get, but never more than one of the same type. Starting characters You can create your own character, or pick one from the following except for the last two listed.

Transfer the details of the character you have chosen to the Adventure Sheet. This background provides the book's two major quests; the player can choose to either help the heir to the throne and his band of partisans regain power, or assist the new leader General Grieve Marlock in crushing the last few pockets of resistance. Other quests involve assassinating the king of the rat-men infesting the sewers in the city of Yellowport, looting treasure from the lair of Vayss the Sea Dragon, delivering packages between the druids of the City of Trees and the Forest of Larun, defeating the Black Dragon Knight in combat to the death and rescuing a trapped god from the summit of Devil's Peak.

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Cities of Gold and Glory[ edit ] Golnir, a wealthy land steeped in curious folklore Set in the prosperous kingdom of Golnir, wealthy from its rich agriculture. A common complaint readers had about the second book was that it was far more difficult to find quests than in the first book.

There are still several major quests, however, including slaying a dragon for the Baroness Ravayne the ruler of Golnir , searching for magical artefacts for the wizard Estragon, bringing to justice a murderer on behalf of his victim's ghost, finding the key of stars to gain access to a treasure filled tomb in the Forest of the Forsaken and making a map of the northern mountains.

The quests in the second book have a more whimsical, fairy tale nature to them than those in the first book. This gives Golnir a very strong Merry England atmosphere. Over the Blood-Dark Sea[ edit ] Swashbuckling adventure on the high seas Set in the Violet Ocean, which separates the northern continent of Harkuna from the southern continent of Ankon-Konu.

Travel is severely restricted without a ship, making it a difficult book to start off in, particularly for less experienced gamebook readers. Over the Blood-Dark Sea is also one of the first in the series to feature regular danger - the player is almost always at risk of pirates , storms and even sea monsters. Key quests include assassinating Amcha, king of the pirates, enrolling at a wizard's college in the city of Dweomer to learn magic , searching for buried treasure on hidden islands and climbing the enormous mountain on Starspike Island.

Key quests include liberating the Citadel of Veris Corin for the King of Sokara closely linked with quests in The War-Torn Kingdom , releasing the King of Harkuna from his prison underneath the Rimewater closely linked with quests in The Court of Hidden Faces and killing the immortal tyrant Kaschuf based on the legend of Koschei the Deathless who rules over the village of Vodhya which requires the player to find and release his soul, hidden on an island in Over The Blood-Dark Sea.

This was the first book in the series to introduce the concept of a harsh environment - out on the Steppes, the player must make constant SCOUTING rolls in order to find enough food, and on the northern steppes the player loses one point of stamina a day from the cold, unless they have a wolf pelt to keep warm.

If the player frees the king of Old Harkuna from his prison in The Plains of Howling Darkness, the king can reclaim his land, end the Uttaku occupation and restore prosperity.

There is also an abandoned castle in Harkuna which the player can rebuild and claim for himself. Most other major quests involve undertaking tasks for the Uttakin government the titular Court.

The book takes its title from Uttaku's court of ruling nobles, who wear elaborate masks as a status symbol and to hide their faces. The king himself is born without a face at all. Lords of the Rising Sun[ edit ] Imperial Akatsurai, land of samurai and ninja Set in a land which is an obvious parallel of classical Japan of the Heian period.

Much like The War Torn Kingdom, a revolution is occurring. The self-proclaimed Shogun Yoritomo has declared himself in charge of the eastern seaboard, while the young Imperial Sovereign Takakura rules the country nominally, with real power being in the hands of the chancellor, Lord Kiyomori, who remains in control of the western seaboard.

The country is on the brink of a civil war like Japan during the Genpei War to which the names "Yoritomo" and "Kiyomori" allude. Although the player can undertake quests for both sides of the revolution, the two forces never actually begin war as they do in the first book.

Other major quests involving retrieving a tatsu pearl from a great dragon, exploring Kwaidan Forest to learn the secrets of the tengu , and venturing into the Black Pagoda.

This book was not published in the s, but in after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The spirit realm, Elaz Carnquen, hangs closely over this world, which allows you travel into the spirit realm. And due to the excessive heat of this area, some armor cannot withstand it and you receive a handicap on your COMBAT value if you do not wear resistant armor.

Quests include activating the titan at Borotek, restoring order at Ruined Tarshesh over who was to blame over the fall of it, defeating the Serpent King, Namagal which requires some mini-quests on its own and merging with the verdant spire, which allows dominance over the land. This presumably would have been the Fabled Lands' equivalent of the Sahara. It also featured the Blue Grasslands, which according to information in the first six books is populated by blue-skinned nomads - descendants of the Uttakin featured in The Court Of Hidden Faces - and tribes like the Golden men and their flying arks.

Other locations would have been the City of Stargazers, and the Country of the Hidden Ones - judging from information in the first six books, and the names on the map, it would have been similar to the Himalayan countries of Nepal , Tibet and Bhutan. The phrase 'the lone and level sands' appears in Shelley's poem Ozymandias. The Isle of a Thousand Spires[ edit ] Chrysoprais and the Sea of Stilts This book was never published, but it would have been set as the subtitle implies in the western locations of Chrysoprais and the Sea of Stilts.

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Chrysoprais presumably would have been very similar to India ; the names on the maps have an Indian flavour for example, the Crimson Fort rather than the Red Fort. Also, a few clues are left in the first six books regarding the culture of Chrysoprais - for example, in the Japanese -inspired land of Akatsurai featured in Lords of the Rising Sun, there is a religion following the "Sage of Peace" which is clearly based on Buddhism. If the player fails in a quest relating to the Sage of Peace, they can travel west to "the saint of Vulture Peak" found in Chrysoprais to seek redemption and enlightenment.

This suggests that people in both Chrysoprais and Akatsurai worship the Sage of Peace; in real life, Buddhism originated in India and later spread to Japan. Legions of the Labyrinth[ edit ] Philosopher kings of the west This book was never published, but would have been set in the western lands of Atticala.

Atticala was clearly inspired by Ancient Greece ; the map of the Fabled Lands reveals this, as many of the towns have Greek-sounding names and are symbolised by Greek architecture. The name "Atticala" is also similar to "Attica", a region of Greece. The City in the Clouds[ edit ] Danger in the heart of a vast metropolis This book was never published, but was to have been set in the city of Dangor in the mysterious "Forbidden Realm.

Very little is known about Dangor, except that it is situated at the top of cliffs hundreds of metres high called "The Golden Cliffs.Hi Outremer - sorry, I missed your comment when you posted it and I just happened to be reading the original post again today because I had mailed somebody the link.

They lead you past trident-armed merman guards into a great hall.

It seems to conflict with the location of the Tower on your own map of Golnir from Cities of Gold and Glory. Actually you're more efficient than me!

Go over to him turn to Ignore him and leave turn to You are greeted by several of the knights. You will need all your wits and cunning to choose the right allies, outwit your rivals, and be first to reach the Heart. You wake in an undersea palace of multi-coloured coral, with mermaids to attend you.

If you have just arrived in Yellowport.