Kashf-ul-Mahjoob Urdu translation by Sayyid Muhammad Ahmad QadriTwo editions: and Subject: Amazing Book. a very good. The book is one of the earliest scripts about Tasawwuf. Kashf-ul-Mahjoob ( کشف المحجوب), or Kashf al-Mahjub, is the first ever Persian book written on the philosophy and Another Urdu translation (PDF file attached here). Kashf ul Mahjoob by Hazrat Daata Ganj Bakhsh Rahmatullah Alaeh. True definition of Tasawaff, Arfaan, Ilm, Ishq, Haq and putting light on almost all aspects of.

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kashf ul mahjoob urdu pdf free download by Hazrat Daata Ganj Bakhsh Rahmatullah Alaeh Revelation of the Veiled; Kashf-ul-Mahjoob also Kashf-ul- Mahjub;. This amazing app has been designed for everyone and it contains a book named "Kashf ul Mahjoob" by Hazrat Daata Ganj Bakhsh. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications.

Kashf-ul-Mahjub was written in Lahore, in response to the request of a certain God-seeker Abu Saeed, e relative or fellow-townsman of the author. During the composition of the book, the writer was hindered by the lack of the books which were left in his hometown.

Kashf-ul-Mahjub deals with the complete system of Sufism, setting out and discussing its principles and practices. An early orthodox work on tasawwuf in Persian, Kashf-ul-Mahjub includes references to other mystic writers and their works.

kashf ul mahjoob

The work sheds light on the history, ideology and practice of Sufism. The author offers the traveller on the Path salik universal and timeless advice on belief, contemplation, generosity, spiritual courtesy, prayer, almsgiving, companionship, love and purification from foulness. In addition, he helps us distinguish false spirituality and false guides from the real, a discernment just as significant today as then.

The book is a rich store of anecdotes.

Stories built around their lives arouse the interest of the reader. Their words of wisdom help one in inner awakening.

An important theme that runs through the book is strictly practising the outward observances of Islamic injunctions. A true Sufi is, in the eyes of Ali Hujwiri, only the one who has held fast to the embrace of the Holy Prophet, and has observed the outward forms of devotion which are incumbent on every Muslim; he must follow the path of the inner spiritual truth of mysticism and Sharia Law; they should not be separated from each other.

Their mutual relation may be compared to that of body and spirit: when the spirit departs from the body, the living body becomes a corpse, and the spirit vanishes like wind.

The authenticity of the book appeals equally to spiritualists and formalists; its material comes from the primary sources of Islamic law. His exposition of the Sufi doctrine and practice is distinguished not only by wide learning and firsthand knowledge but also by the strongly personal character impressed on everything he writes.

Kashf-ul-Mahjoob in Urdu

The book has been recommended by scholars and sufi masters as a guide for developing positive personality traits. Awliya Allah have paid homage to the book in different words: it a guide for the novice and beacon light for master-sailors; comprehensive advice; a unique book and a perfect guide; instrumental to the discovery of a perfect guide.

On certain issues the author quotes earlier authors and analysizes their ideas before giving his own opinion. His commentary on such occasions shows us the depth of knowledge with which the Lord blessed him.

Also, in order to illustrate his point, at times he relates stories of contemporary and past sufi masters. Some moral and faith-inspiring stories and states are quoted below from Kashf-ul-Mahjub. We must allow the venerable mystic to speak directly to the reader, to instruct.

Illustrating the rules of companionship, he gave the following anecdote. See more. Hazrat Khizar Ka Qissa. In this application you can find the life history of Hazrat Khizer A.

Qissa Ashab-e-Kahf. Malta Apps.

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The "Veiled" referring to Allah al Mighty. Sufi saints and their works are an embodiment of this message.

Nowadays we connect with him, Ali Hujwiri, chiefly through his masterpiece, Kashf-ul-Mahjub. In addition, he helps us distinguish false spirituality and false guides from the real, a discernment just as significant today as then. Reviews Review Policy. The only title available today is the masterpiece of Sufism and the first book written on this topic in Persian, Kashf al-Mahjoob.